Game Designer

Spirits of Spring



Spirits of Spring is a story-based adventure game for iOS. Players take the role of Chiwatin as well as his friends Bear and Rabbit through the Canadian wilderness while they heal the land of the harsh cold brought on by the Crows and stand up to their bullying.



  • General usability testing on the game
  • Tested the entirety of the game during Alpha stage
  • Bug testing & issue tracking using Jira
  • Worked with art team to find solutions to improper geometry
  • Worked with story team to ensure writing was transposed from French to English properly


During my time with Minority Media I worked as an integrated tester for the months leading up to game alpha. My role was to test general usability and game feel for the entire experience while also finding large or game-breaking bugs. As one of only 3 testers on the team I was able to own quite a bit of work on this project and focus on level design and art assets being implemented correctly. Most of my work involved testing level bounds, lighting, puzzle completion, and proper player progression.

Because of the small team size I was fortunate enough to be able to work closely with all members of the studio. This meant being able to suggest more efficient wording for English translation of the game, suggesting changes to art assets to furnish levels better, and working in-engine with engineering. Our process involved owning a Google Drive storage space for all testing assets and Jira to assign bugs to the team.