• Game Designer

Destiny 2


Humanity's safe haven has fallen to the Cabal forces led by Ghaul, and it's up to players to reunite the heroes, regain power, and explore the solar system to take him & the Darkness down in Destiny 2



  • Lead tester for the PC Graphics team

  • General usability testing on PC port of the game

  • Responsible for providing info and research into integration with Battle.net

  • Communicated and worked directly with Vicarious Visions & Bungie design teams on tools

  • Created various test plans such as Gold Client, Graphics Suite, and Battle.net Accessibility

  • Tested game through multiple milestones including reveal event, alpha & E3



As lead on Graphics testing for a studio that was unfamiliar with PC optimization I was able to set a lot of the documentation framework down for both Bungie & Vicarious Visions. Early on in the project I had to separate the distinct areas that constituted “graphics,” being UI elements, in game assets & shaders, PC settings, and display hardware & software. I established a lot of our small team’s daily workflow and proper practice for ad hoc testers.

Much of my hands-on testing work constituted work with the hardware department to procure us hardware that met the standards we hoped to uphold with our PC settings. This included testing on many display types, with different PC components, using different drivers or installed software, and a slew of other variables. As much of this was passive I was able to work with ad hoc testers to get us proper eyes on areas we needed more help with, documenting different hardware setups among the whole team so we were able to more quickly repro any bugs or hiccups.

As more of our graphics work got automated by sweeps of the ad hoc team & others, I was able to focus on acting liaison between art, design, and QA. My role here was to facilitate better understanding on QA’s end the expectation of art & design work that went into graphical settings, and to bring to their attention key areas that were being overlooked.

Late in the project most of my work became documenting and proposing test plans for our teams & Bungie, and allocating proper testing time on the graphics and hardware teams to properly test all areas needed for milestones. I was responsible for delegating priority of tasks and able to contribute feedback during scrum meetings on our bandwidth and QA task proposals.