• Game Designer

Mobile Strike


Lead your army, destroy your foes. Shape the world you play in your own way; defeat enemies, build up facilities, socialize with others, and more in Mobile Strike.



  • Design multiple feature releases per week

  • Maintain live economy of game via feature releases

  • Create tools for design team to speed up balance & data entry

  • Structure & design events for active players

  • Set up sale concepts to make content appealing to players

  • Intimate work with engineering, art & live ops teams to deliver feature requests



My work on Mobile Strike & Game of War is a mixture of content creation, economy maintenance, and tool creation. Content for either game is made alongside the other to streamline release.

Content Creation

Per week I am responsible for multiple feature releases, often ranging from 2 to 6 with varied complexity & release dates. These features are typically either revenue or engagement driving. I lay out the last time the feature had a brand new hook or use case against where the game’s meta is, and if the adoption rate is ready for a new feature like this.

Typically my focus with features is to inject customization into the game more. When I took over as designer our player base was complacent and apathetic about new releases, buying into a feature purely on the basis of whatever had higher numbers. Over time I was able to introduce more features with multiple use cases to get players more engaged beyond spending to see bigger numbers. This meant introducing new features that let players pick and choose how to specialize, such as craftable potions, or segmenting the value of a feature over multiple buildings to get players to think about how to best upgrade their city.

New features I worked on also introduced new ways for players to interact with each other. Typically the game’s meta involved beating player bases down on the day-to-day and rushing events whenever active. I introduced a new battle arena where players specialize their heroes, which were previously only used for PVE, and fight against them in a specific timed zone.

Game Economy

The game’s economy revolves around premium currency & hard currency for each feature. Typically I examine economy from an individual feature cost basis & an event distribution basis.

At the highest level we examine the expected value of each currency and weight the benefits of the feature against this curve. Over time we saturate the currency into the game more via events, which factors into the design. Our plan typically looks at how long we expect the benefit of the new feature to stay relevant against the cost of it.

Features are designed with key selling points for different types of players. Usually this involves projecting the use case of the feature against free-to-play & larger spending players. We lay out what is most appealing to each bucket of players and adjust stat curves or drop rates accordingly.

Tools & Documentation

To streamline future releases I create tools in Excel to speed up the balancing and data entry portion of content creation. These range from chest drop rate tables to full blown combat calculators. Each tool includes a calculator to balance the new feature against a pre-existing one of a similar use case, an output of all data to plug into live data, and handoff documentation for QA.

Alongside this I maintain documentation for all of our ongoing features for new designers to ramp up using and familiarize themselves with. This includes a template with formulas for basic content creation as well as an overview for the necessary live data to access.