• Game Designer



You have been taken prisoner by the vengeful queen of the faeries. To escape, solve a mix of block sliding and path-guiding puzzles across all sides of your cube prison in over 100 different puzzles.



  • General usability testing on the game

  • Led QA team through incentivizing activitues like speedrun competitions

  • Submitted several puzzle designs for use in final game

  • Tested puzzles for appropriate difficulty curve in single player

  • Led testing team through achievement creation activities such as team speedruns



Because of the small team size on Loc I was very fortunate to work both in QA & on small design tasks through early levels of development. Most of the early QA work was general usability of the custom engine, which then led to just basic gameplay loops, and eventually balance testing.

Later on in development I tried to encourage the team towards more efficient testing by holding speedrunning competitions on a smaller scale. This encouraged us to stress test the game at higher levels while also posed as a fun leaderboard for us to share in QA internally.

Much of the design work I contributed was small scale, in helping the team to piece together the proper level flow for the final game. Going along with this, as QA was encouraged to submit some of their puzzle ideas, I was able to fill in some difficulty spike gaps with some of my work.