• Game Designer

Spirits of Spring


Take the role of Chiwatin and his wildlife friends through the Canadian wilderness while they heal the land of the harsh cold brought on by the Crows and stand up to their bullying. Available on iOS.



  • General usability testing on the game

  • Tested the entirety of the game during Alpha into Beta stages

  • Tested alongside writing team to ensure proper story conveyance

  • Worked with art team to find solutions to improper geometry

  • Worked with story team to ensure correct French to English translation



During my time with Minority Media I worked as an integrated tester for the alpha and beta months leading up to public unveiling. My role was essentially threefold in testing for level design or art bugs in the world, grammar & writing, and proper puzzle mechanics.

Being a story-driven game my early few weeks were spent simply playing through the entirety of the game and sharing my thoughts with the writing team on the way the story was told. We went in blind and then had a roundtable discussion of the events of the game, contributing on points that were unclear in symbolism or writing.

The vast majority of the work at this point was then to test for bugs in the environment or art. As art was constantly being added in between our builds of the game, I was tasked with ensuring there weren’t visible seams or texture gaps in the world geometry, and that the level was completely contained with no ways out of it or skipping through parts.

Lastly, I was tasked with working on puzzle solution. As this was an early draft stage I often would play through a section of the same, share personal thoughts with the design team, and then play through the iteration of the puzzles. Much of this was tweaking tedium between puzzles or how easy pieces to collect were to find through and around the world geometry.