Game Designer

Destiny 2



Humanity's safe haven has fallen to the Cabal forces led by Ghaul, and it's up to the player to reunite the heroes, regain power, and explore the solar system to take him down in Destiny 2.



  • General usability testing on PC port of the game
  • Lead tester for the PC Graphics team
  • Responsible for providing info and research into integration with
  • Communicated and worked directly with Vicarious Visions & Bungie design teams on tools
  • Created various test plans such as Gold Client, Graphics Suite, and Accessibility
  • Tested game through multiple milestones including reveal event, alpha & E3


The majority of my work on Destiny 2 was in 3 core areas: Graphics, integration, and Gold certification.

As lead on Graphics testing I worked to ensure the PC version of the game had a complete Graphics suite of options for the player to test and that all settings worked properly. This gave me fidelity to work with the engineering and design teams to discuss graphical features missing or not fleshed out. I worked on the initial test spec to deliver to the QA and PC team leads to assess risk, staffing, and proper day-to-day work done on graphics testing. Work on graphics meant leading a small team to test all graphical settings and performance on multiple hardware setups.

Early on in the development cycle I was able to work with the tools teams to outline how Destiny 2 would be integrated with the client. Most of my work was communicating between the Bungie and Vicarious Visions teams and gathering background information for the tools integration teams. This included research on the EULA, parental controls, and funds management. I gathered this data and tested for extreme use cases.

Before wrapping up the alpha milestone I was able to contribute to the Gold certification testpass. With the Bungie PC team, I did a full sweep of testing the game to ensure that all core features were included in the game, working, and stable. As I contributed to this testpass early on, much of my work was in adding missing features to this list and streamlining the process for future testing.