Game Designer




Loc is a 3D puzzle game in which you have been taken prisoner by the vengeful queen of the faeries. It consists of a mix of block sliding and path-guiding puzzles across up to 6 sides of a cube in over 100 different puzzles.



  • General usability testing on the game
  • Submitted several puzzle designs for use in final game
  • Bug testing & issue tracking using Redmine
  • Tested puzzles for appropriate difficulty curve in single player
  • Led testing team through achievement creation activities such as team speedruns


While working on Loc I was in a very fortunate position to work closely with the entire team, it being a small studio. All QA testers were encouraged to submit their own level designs to the team for review for use in the final game. While on the project I was able to submit several smaller and earlier puzzles to the team which ultimately went into the game tweaked by the design and QA team through iteration. In this sense, I was able to own my own level and test those of others on the QA team.

Near the end of the project I led in helping to come up with activities to keep QA engaged and find new ways to incentivize work outside of general usability. I pitched the idea to hold speedrun sessions with the entire QA department in order to test the game under the stress of speed but also to test how a quick-thinking player might progress through the game. These sessions were successful and well received by the development team, who encouraged them. It ultimately helped the design team to tweak the progression of levels in the main story as well.