Game Designer

Mobile Strike



Lead your army, destroy your foes. Shape the world you play in your own way; defeat enemies, build up facilities, socialize with others, and more in Mobile Strike.



  • Own & iterate multiple features per week
  • Maintain live economy of game via feature releases
  • Create item & chest drop rates and balance equipment stat spreads
  • Reworked documentation for entire design suite
  • Responsible for setting up sale concepts to make content appealing to players
  • Intimate work with engineering, art & sales teams to deliver feature requests


My work on Mobile Strike & Game of War is a mixture of content creation, economy maintenance, and supporting documentation. Content for either game is made alongside the other to streamline release.

Content Creation

Per week I am responsible for multiple feature releases, often ranging from 2 to 6 with varied complexity & deployment dates. These features range from revenue driving to engagement & user contentment. When creating them supporting documentation for other stakeholders on the feature such as blog or sales teams is part of the process, as well as data entry for the actual feature.

Most features are an iteration of a previous feature release with a new hook or ability related to it, such as adding a new stat spread or focusing on encouraging different battle tactics. Most of the work on this has to do with forecasting user interest based on previous releases & adding new elements that will change how the game is played or get users interested in a new or different ideas.

Creating tools and formulas within Excel & Google Drive to support consistent feature releases is another helpful responsibility for both myself and other members of the team.

Game Economy

Between feature releases the whole team is encouraged to monitor the game's economy and happiness with releases. Part of feature creation naturally involves this process.

Maintaining the economy largely focuses on the amount of resources players have access to in day-to-day gameplay, and balancing the stat and benefit options players have available to them should they max out any feature. A lot of this requires back end calculation as stats are all additive or subtractive to a user's total. We look at what players have available to them and what it takes in terms of time or cost to get and maintain high numbers of resources and power and figure out ways to balance this for all players to keep interested in the game.


A role I took on once acclimated with both games was to revamp the documentation database for new team members & future projects. As I learned the sheets & formulas I took notes of what was needed and my process to get through the task for personal use, and then documented on a shared Confluence when the process was optimized more.

Most of my work on this was on the side of feature releases. Alongside this I set up naming conventions moving forward as we streamlined feature releases and got our games on parity with each other. I cleaned up spreadsheet formatting without sacrificing formulas as much as possible, mostly concerned with future data entry.